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Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival INTERNATIONAL Collaboration Series w/ 2085 Brewery (UKRAINE)



This could be the most ambitious collaboration series ever attempted in the world, a collab that brews everything that is good about the comradery of the beer industry and democracy.

“The war changed all of us but in the darkest hours you still can see bright side. Worldwide support of our struggle and country made us a lot stronger. Even far away Australia felt our pain and made us feel that we are not alone against evil. I would prefer to be recognized as a professional brewer who makes great beers but even before trying it new Australian friends showed real support. Super excited to be part of this collaboration and to see this whole new world.” Naz Drebot, Head Brewer/Founder at 2085™ (Kyiv, Ukraine).

All sales of the collaboration brews will see profits flow to the The Global Empowerment Mission (GEM).

GEM is providing emergency aid inside Ukraine to the fighters and families that have stayed behind, as well as humanitarian aid to the women and children that are trying to cross the border into Poland.

For more information on GEM and how to donate, please see


In 2018 and 2019 Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival facilitated an international collaboration series by bringing an international brewer to Australia to brew collaborations with breweries from all over Australia with the resulting brews released at the Beer & BBQ Festival in July of that year.

In 2018 we took BrewDog’s Franz Horak (Scotland via Germany) to Mismatch (SA), Hop Nation (Vic), Batch (NSW), Capital (ACT) and Green Beacon (QLD).

2019 saw Ryan Morrow (Canada) representing Collective Arts as we too the tour to Little Bang (SA), Moo Brew (Tas), Moon Dog (Vic), Young Henrys (NSW), Bentspoke (ACT) and Ballistic (QLD).

The resulting brews from both tours were excellent and warmly received at the festival. The sense of community between the international and local brewers is a key element of Beer & BBQ Festival. In 2023, after a few years without stable travel options, we plan to bring that element back in a more ambitious collaboration tour than ever.

In late 2022 we noticed that a host of American brewers were collaborating to produce a beer with a Ukrainian brewery where all of the funds were directed to assist in their effort to defend democracy. We at ABBF think it’s a very worthwhile cause and we reached out directly to 2085 Brewery in Kyiv with little hope of anything coming of it. The enthusiasm of 2085 founder, Naz, spurred us to investigate this collaboration opportunity further.

We are now about to embark on possibly the most ambitious international collaboration series ever undertaken in the world. In May 2023 we will host 3 Ukrainians here in Australia for 10 days and facilitate 6 collaboration brews. The logistical team effort going into this is huge, not least of all our Ukrainian guests needing special permission to leave a country that is under Marshall law. ABBF believes this series really does highlight the power of unity and solidarity behind the principal of democracy, one that Ukrainians are fervently defending against odds everyday.

2085 is all about “beer from the future”. The team is passionate about brewing and about their country. They have not stopped brewing since the war begun in early 2022 and their resolve to continue to collaborate and spread the word through the medium of beer is beyond admirable. Naz and Val (2085 founders) are very much looking forward to their first time in Australia and we all are looking forward to trying the beer!

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